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Whitelands Park Primary School Better never stops




At Whitelands Park Primary School, our aim is to provide an education of the highest standard and for our children to develop and learn with self-confidence and enthusiasm.  Working in close partnership with parents ensures that all children are provided with a consistent message to enable them to reach their full potential, both socially and academically.  We foster a family atmosphere throughout the school, mutually sharing anxieties and celebrating successes.


We provide a warm and friendly environment, encouraging a desire to learn and the ambition to succeed.  All members of the school enthusiastically involve themselves in the social, academic and emotional development of all children and we value the contributions from the wider community, actively encouraging a culture of respect, tolerance and compassion.  We expect the school’s code of conduct to be clearly understood and adopted by all members, providing a high standard of behaviour, appearance and good manners.


At Whitelands Park, we put your child’s needs at the forefront of our minds.  We endeavour to ensure that your child can read efficiently, express themselves positively through both the written and spoken word and are confident with the basic skills in mathematics.  Through our carefully structured teaching programme, we will ensure your child will work with a sense of resolve and enjoyment in a wide range of subjects.


The staff, governors and pupils at Whitelands Park are very proud of their school and I am extremely proud to be their Headteacher.


If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.



Matthew Irving