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Important Information for Year 1

PE Sessions:



Indoor PE - Friday afternoon

Outdoor PE  - Thursday morning


Indoor PE - Friday afternoon

Outdoor PE  - Thursday morning


Earrings may not be worn for PE, so please make sure you can take them out yourself, or that you leave them at home on PE days.




Reading Books and Planners:

Children will be given a reading book that they take home and bring into school with their planner, daily. This book will be changed when they have read it through twice and can read it with some fluency. They can read the book several times - this will help with their comprehension skills. Friday is our reading book changing day! Children will get given a new reading book, alongside their new spellings for the week ahead.  The words in their reading book  will contain sounds in that the children have been focusing on that week.

The spellings the children are given have words in with the sounds from that day (Friday) and contain sounds that the children will learn during the beginning of the next week. There is a small (low-key) spelling test each Friday where children are encouraged to  use their 'Fred Fingers' to sound out each word.





Please can children have a named water bottle, their planner and their PE bag in school with them everyday.

Many thanks.