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Whitelands Park Primary School Better never stops

Our Curriculum

At Whitelands Park our curriculum is carefully tailored to meet the needs of individual pupils. Children’s learning achievements are constantly reviewed so that teaching can be adapted in order to provide pupils with focused learning intentions to make the most progress; as well as develop a rich and deep subject knowledge, a thirst for learning and aspirations for the future.


Children’s engagement and excitement for their learning is of paramount importance to us. We understand that teaching methods and topics should be relevant so that children can experience the challenge and enjoyment of learning through contemporary topics and ideas. Arranging regular trips and visits help children to see clear links between different aspects of their learning, as well as understand the purpose and value of their work.


We continually strive for our children to develop their creativity. This is achieved through a variety of platforms: skills-based projects, developing knowledge through a variety of interesting contexts and communicating ideas within a group as well as individually.


Our progressive framework is based on the National Curriculum and ensures accessibility for all groups of children, including those with disabilities and special educational needs.