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Whitelands Park Primary School Better never stops

What is our Topic?

Our topics for this half term will be focussed on "Creep, Crawl and Wriggle" and we will then learn all  about "Animal Safari".


We will begin by teaching the children all about minibeasts; going on minibeast hunts, looking at their habitats and why they are important and should be treated gently. Next, we will then move onto learning about different types of animals, such as pets, wild animals and African animals.  


Supporting your child at home

  • Go on minibeast hunts in your garden or local park. Talk about the best place to find minibeasts and why they like living in a particular habitat. Collect some minibeasts in a pot and draw them, looking at the different parts of their bodies. Talk about why is is really important to release the minibeast at the end.
  • Go to the library and find books about minibeasts and different animals.
  • Have a look at an atlas or Google Earth together.  Find some countries that your child knows. Talk about the different animals that live there, and the similarities and differences there are between that country and the UK. 
  • Write a factfile about an animal. Draw pictures of the animal or include photographs. Find some interesting facts about the animal, such as where they live, what do they eat, do they have any special features. 
  • If you have a pet, talk about what the pet needs and what the family can do to help the pet. Discuss the differences between a pet and a wild animal.