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The Primary Edge - LORIC

Primary PiXL Edge - Learning Powers


At Whitelands, we implement the Primary PiXL Edge - Learning Powers. PiXL Primary Edge is the programme of attributes and skills we are following to develop key life skills we will need in order to be successful at home, primary school and secondary school. We call this LORIC.


Our learning powers at Whitelands Park Primary school are:


Leadership, Organisation, Resilience, Initiative and Communication

(The LORIC family).


Here is The LORIC family:



Each term we learn about a member of the LORIC family and develop skills to help us with our learning at home and school.


Autumn 1: Laura Leadership.

Autumn 2: Olly Organisation.

Spring 1: Raj Resilience.

Spring 2: Izzy Initiative.

Summer 1: Charlie Communication.


At the end of Foundation and Years 2, 4 and 6 the children are presented with an award to celebrate how they have applied and used their 'Learning Powers'.


Our Awards:


School Stage

EYFS (Foundation)


Lower KS2

Upper KS2

Edge Stage






Here are some examples of the work we have completed!