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Cherry - Y2

Class Teacher:

Mrs Hennah and Mrs Meikle


Teaching Assistant:

Mrs Penny


Welcome to Cherry Class.


Hello and welcome to Cherry class. We hope you have had a fantastic summer holiday and enjoyed the time playing, exploring and learning with your family and friends.


You will be taught by Mrs Meikle on a Monday and Tuesday.

You will be taught by Mrs Hennah on a Thursday and Friday.

Wednesday we are both in school and will teach you in the morning then you will have Art and Music with Mr Santos and Mrs Tyne in the afternoon!


               Our topic for this first half term is called 'What do I need to be me?'


The children will learn about how to keep their bodies healthy, including what food is good for them, why exercise is important and what changes happen as they get older.


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In Design Technology they will use their knowledge of healthy foods like fruits and vegetables to design and then make their own smoothie. We will create, taste and evaluate these.


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In Science they will learn about life cycles of many animals and they will learn in detail about the life cycle of a butterfly.


We have an exciting visitor coming into school to show us lots of reptiles and amphibians. Jonathon's Jungle will be visiting us on September 19th.



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In English the children will be using their letters and sounds to write well punctuated sentences. They will learn how to write a recount, using super wow words and time connectives. The children will explore non fiction texts to research about animals and how to keep our bodies healthy.  The children will write a non chronological report using facts and information that they have found out.


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In Maths, they will build on their learning from Year 1. We will give the children lots of opportunity to take part in mental maths, practising their number bonds and times tables, in year 2 the children learn their 2, 5 and 10 times tables.

 The children will learn about the value of numbers, how the number is built up using tens and ones. The children will develop their understanding of addition and subtraction using the number line and partitioning. We will also learn about money and coins and how to add these together to make different amounts.


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We also have lots of other exciting projects and learning planned across the other subjects.


Our first LORIC theme for the start of the year is Laura Leadership The children will be taught what leadership skills they have and how to use these effectively.  The children will be taught in class as well as in the key stage assemblies each Wednesday.


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Your planner and reading book must be in school everyday.


Our Topic: What do I need to be me?


(Please see the curriculum map below for more detail)


PE Sessions:

Indoor PE - Tuesday

Outdoor PE - Thursday



Tuesday afternoon



The children are heard read twice a week in school. Once during a group guided reading session and the other individually by the class teacher or teaching assistant.

It is really important that your child reads at home every day and the planner is signed accordingly. Reading frequently has a huge positive effect on a child's reading development.



Homework is given out once a week on a Thursday and is due back in the following Tuesday. Each week, there is an English and a Maths task. The homework is a reflection of what the children have been taught that week and is a chance to practise and enhance their learning.



In Foundation and KS1 we follow the Read Write Inc Programme. The Read Write Inc. Phonics is a complete literacy programme, for 3 to 7 year-olds learning to read and write. The children review or learn a new sound  (phoneme and grapheme) each day and also practise writing this sound on its own and in words.

We do handwriting practise every afternoon for ten minutes. The children have differentiated spellings each week with the spelling test being on a Friday morning.


  If you have any questions, please just ask or write in your child's planner.

Curriculum Map - What do I need to be me?

Curriculum Map - What do I need to be me? 1