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Rowan - Y4

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We have enjoyed finding out about the Anglo Saxons and have come to the conclusion that the Dark Ages really were a dark time in history.  The children enjoyed making their Anglo-Saxon settlements and drawing the Bayeux Tapestry. 


We were also very fortunate to take part in a lantern making workshop in school in order to make lanterns for the parade in Newbury.  All the children successfully made a lantern and were very proud of them, albeit somewhat sticky by the end of the workshop. 




Our Topic: Batteries Included  gives us the opportunity to find out about electricity.  We will be investigating electricity as well as applying what we know to our design and technology project in order to make a buzz game with a simple circuit. 


(Please see the curriculum map below for more detail)



PE Sessions:


Outdoor PE – Friday


Indoor PE - Monday




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Aidan Berry

Emma Carlin


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